ASTEC Final Report 1995-2005


Appendix 4

Theses made in ASTEC projects and the position and
affiliation of the former students in September 2007

Tobias Amnell
Licentiate thesis 2003, Code Synthesis for Timed Automata, pdf
Systems Engineering Consultant at Combitech AB
Johan Andersson
Licentiate Thesis 2005, Modeling the Temporal Behavior of Complex Embedded Systems - A Reverse Engineering Approach, pdf , abstract
PhD Student at Mälardalens högskola.
Johann Deneux
PhD Thesis 2006, Verification of Parameterized and Timed Systems: Undecidability Results and Efficient Methods, pdf
Researcher at Prover Technology
Jakob Engblom 2002.
PhD Thesis 2002, Processor Pipelines and Static Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, pdf , webpage
Researcher at Virtutech AB.
Andreas Ermedahl 2003.
PhD Thesis 2003, A Modular Tool Architecture for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, pdf , abstract
Researcher at Mälardalens högskola.
Lars-åke Fredlund 2001.
PhD Thesis 2001, A Framework for Reasoning about Erlang Code, pdf , abstract
Researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Jan Gustafsson 2000.
PhD Thesis 2000, Analyzing Execution-Time of Object-Oriented Programs Using Abstract Interpretation, abstract
Professor at Mälardalens högskola.
Anders Hessel 2007.
PhD Thesis 2007, Model-Based Test Case Generation for Real-Time Systems, pdf
Licentiate thesis 2006, Model-Based Test Case Selection and Generation for Real-Time Systems, pdf , webpage
Development Engineer at Enea Software
Johan Lindhult
Licentiate Thesis 2005, An Operational Semantics for Parallel Execution of Re-entrant PLEX, abstract
PhD Student at Mälardalens högskola.
Marcus Nilsson
Licentiate thesis 2000, Regular Model Checking, ps , pdf , abstract
Paul Pettersson 1999.
PhD Thesis 1999, Modelling and Verification of Real-Time Systems Using Timed Automata: Theory and Practice, ps , pdf , webpage
Professor at Mälardalens högskola.
Christer Sandberg 2005.
Licentiate thesis 2005, Improvements of the Flow Analysis in WCET Tools, abstract
PhD Student at Mälardalens högskola.
Erik Stenman 2002.
PhD Thesis 2002, Efficient implementation of concurrent programming languages
Licentiate thesis 1999, Performance Measurements and Process Optimization for Erlang, ps
Director of Engineering at Kreditor AB.
Xavier Vera 2004.
PhD Thesis 2004, Cache and Compiler Interaction (how to analyze, optimize and time cache behavior), pdf
Licentiate thesis 2002, Towards A Static Cache Analysis for Whole Program Analysis, ps , abstract
Jesper Wilhelmsson
Licentiate thesis 2005, Efficient Memory Management for Message-Passing Concurrency, abstract
PhD Student at Uppsala university
Gunnar Övergaard
PhD Thesis 2000, Formal Specification of Object Oriented Modeling Concepts
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