ESC/Java and Houdini

K. Rustan M. Leino
Compaq Systems Research Center
Palo Alto, U.S.A.

ESC/Java is a static program checker for Java, powered by a detailed semantics engine and an automatic theorem prover. It performs modular checking and relies on the programmer to supply light-weight specifications. Houdini is a programming tool built on top of ESC/Java. By inferring many properties of the program, it can be useful as a program checker even in the absence of programmer-supplied specifications.

This talk gives an overview of ESC/Java and Houdini and reports on some initial experience with Houdini. (Houdini is joint work with Cormac Flanagan.)

ASTEC seminar
May 29, 2001

Place: Information technology, Uppsala University
Room: 1113
Time: 15.15-16.00 (+ discussions)

Room 1113 is in building 1, floor 1, room 13 (in the southern part of the building).

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There will be an extended period for discussions after the seminar.

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Listeners are excused if they have to leave after 16.00.

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