First steps towards the formal verification of a distributed Video on Demand server

Juanjo Sanchez Penas
University of Corunna
(Galicia, Spain)

In his presentation Juanjo will explain the aim of his visit to CSlab and what research is performed in his department, the LFCIA group. In particular he will highlight the main current project of the group, a distributed Video on Demand server that is being implemented using Erlang. In parallel with the implementation of this server, the group is interested in the formal verification of certain properties of the server. Juanjo will discuss a brief exposition of the groups current knowledge and works on formal methods, and the very first ideas of the general philosophy they are proposing, in order to do that verification using the the theorem prover COQ.

After the talk, an informal discussion about the different approaches of the groups trying to verify Erlang systems is proposed.

June 11 - 16 Juanjo Sanchez Penas from the University of Corunna, (Galicia, Spain) will be visiting Ericsson's Computer Science Laboratory.


ASTEC seminar

When: Tuesday, June 12, 13.30-14.00
Place: Ericsson, CSLab, conference room

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