What is a proof engine?

Mats Boman,
Prover Technology
give this guest lecture at the course programming theory
you are invited to listen.

A proof engine is a computational unit that performs logical and mathematical reasoning. A proof engine is integrated into a system development tool, and is used to automatically verify whether a software or hardware system is correct or not.

This seminar is presented by Prover Technology AB and will present the concept of proof engines and how industry applications benefit from using formal verification techniques.

About Prover Technology

Prover Technology is, with its product Prover Plug-In, the leading provider of commercially packaged proof engines. The product is used to automatically verify hardware and software designs to 100%.

Founded in Stockholm 1989, Prover Technology is one of the industrys most experienced companies in the field of automated formal verification.

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ASTEC seminar
November 29, 2001

Place: Information technology, Uppsala University
Room: 1145
Time: 10.15-12.00

Everyone is welcome !

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