The design and implementation of a soft-typing system for Erlang

Sven-Olof Nyström
ASTEC, Uppsala University

Since Erlang is dynamically typed, an Erlang program contains no explicit type information. A static type discipline has some important advantages. It helps the programmer to detect many program errors before running the program, and provides information that can be used in compiler optimizations.

I present a soft-typing system for Erlang. The type system is based on the use of flow analysis (instead of type inference) which makes the system relatively simple and flexible. The system allows recursive types, parameterized types and union types, and will discover any potential type error, but places no restrictions on the set of 'legal' programs.

ASTEC seminar
January 15, 2002

Place: Information technology, Uppsala University
Room: 1113
Time: 15.15-16.00 (+ discussions)

Room 1113 is in building 1, floor 1, room 13 (in the southern part of the building).

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