Expressive Power of Temporal Logics

Alexander Rabinovich
Tel Aviv University (Israel)

The objectives of this talk is to survey classical and recent expressive completeness results and to provide some external yardsticks by which the expressive power of temporal logics can be measured.

Alexander Rabinovich,
Sergei Vorobyov

ASTEC seminar
October 1, 2002

Place: Information technology, Uppsala University
Room: 1113
Time: 13.15-14.15 (+ discussions)

Room 1113 is in building 1, floor 1, room 13 (in the southern part of the building).

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There will be an extended period for discussions after the seminar.

Speakers are encouraged to give an short (5 min) introduction to the subject at the begining of the talk.

Everyone is welcome !

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