Tools for Automated Testing of WWW applications

Master of Science seminar by

Daniel Löf

Telia Validation and NEXUS

This seminar will discuss how to use Capture/Replay tools (C/R tools) to test the interface of WWW applications. Capture/Replay tools and are popular today for GUI testing. The idea behind these tools will be briefly discussed. Two methods, functional decomposition and data driven testing, used with these tools will be explained. We will also introduce a graphical notation for functional specification of web applications, and discuss how it can be used in order to derive test cases. As an example of a Web based system, a system under development at Telia ProSoft, called IT@Home, has been used as a basis for the project.

ASTEC seminar
February 17, 2000

Place: Information technology, Uppsala University
Room: 1549
Time: 13.15 - 14.00 (+ coffee and discussion)

Room 1549 is in Building 1, Floor 5, room 49
(in the northern part of the building).

Help on how get here and MIC campus drawing.

There will be an extended period for discussions after the seminar nourished by cookies and coffee.

Speakers are encouraged to give an short (5 min) introduction to the subject at the begining of the talk.
Listeners are excused if they have to leave after 1 hour.

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