2 nd ASTEC-seminar

June 12, 1996 Uppsala University

ASTEC(Advanced Software TEChnology) is a competence center with focus on developing the technological basis for software development. The emphasis is on high level Programming, specification and verification in industrial applications. The financing for ASTEC is shared in three equal parts by (1) NUTEK, (2) universities ( Uppsala University, KTH, and SICS), and (3) a group of companies ( Ericsson Radio Systems, IAR Systems, Logikkonsult NP AB, Mecel AB, Objectory AB, and Telia Research AB)

ASTEC started its activities in the fall of 1995 and plans to organize at least one seminar every six months to illustrate the research being carried out in its area of competence.


09.00 Opening remarks

09.15 Seminar:
" Patterns, reuse, agents, and the software process", by Prof. Alfs T. Berztiss, University of Pittsburgh, USA ( See abstract below )

10.15 Coffee break

10.45 Seminar continues

12.00 Lunch


The world of today is characterized by very rapidly changing conditions that require rapid responses. This implies a need for software that can be easily adapted to changes in its domain of application, and this in turn implies that we must understand how to use effectively models of the application domain. Unfortunately there is considerable confusion regarding domain analysis, which seems to be due to the comlex stucture of realistic domain models. In an attempt to remove some of the confusion, we describe application domains in terms of patterns, suggest a structure for a pattern library, and introduce a format in which patterns are to be defined. In this we distinguish between patterns that define the normal mode of operation of a system, patterns that relate to exceptional conditions, and patterns that deal with cooperation within a system and between more or less independent systems. Our examples of entries in the pattern library consist of capsule summeries for a generic "rental" process, and definitions in full of several such patterns for a car-rental and a restaurant business. The expanded patterns have a natural language version and a version expressed in our formalspecification language SF. In student group projects, groups of six students have converted the capsule summaries for rentals into a reasonably well verified implementations of software support systems for a rental-car company in approx. 60 hours, i.e., in 360 person hours. We have also developed patterns for an unrelated area, the monitoring of a safety-critical system. We introduce a software development process that is to allow rapid configuration of new systems from existing patterns. As a suggestion for future work we look at the role of intelligent software agents in such a process.

Practical information

Date and place:

Wednesday, June 12, 1996: 0900-1300
The seminar takes place in the AULA at Polacksbacken, Uppsala University.

Registration fee:

300 SKR including lunch and coffee. Invoice will be sent after the seminar.


Last date for applying: June 3, 1996.
You may enroll through e-mail giving the following information or use the reply coupon below.

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