Invitation to 3rd ASTEC seminar

October 16, 1996 Uppsala University

ASTEC (Advanced Software TEChnology) is a competence center with a focus on developing the technological basis for software development.

ASTEC regularly organizes seminars to illustrate the research being carried out in its area of competence. This time we feature an overview & tutorial about The Unified Modeling Language, UML.



UML, The Unified Modeling Language, by Gunnar Övergaard, KTH (see abstract below)
Coffee break
Tutorial/Overview continues

Presentation of current work within ASTEC projects

Modal Logic in Verification using Constraints & Logic, by Project VOCAL
Object-oriented Requirements Engineering: Method and Tool Support, by the project ARENA
Modeling and analysis of real-time systems, by the project ART
Get-together and Refreshments


The Semantics of The Unified Modeling Language

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a new object-oriented modeling language which has emerged from those used in The Booch Method, Objectory/OOSE and OMT. The language is being developed by Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson and Jim Rumbaugh.

UML was first presented to a large audience under the name The Unified Method 0.8 at OOPSLA'95 and since then it has been corrected, adjusted and updated, and its current version will be presented in a set of tutorials at the OOPSLA'96 conference.

The language contains several major object-oriented modeling constructs, such as Class, Object, Association, Link, Generalization, Attribute and Operation. Moreover, it also includes constructs like Use case, Multi-models and Template. UML has an adjustable syntax and semantics, for no single language can support the different modeling needs of all different development projects. This is done by the usage of Stereotypes, a meta-classification concept which also includes notation and semantics.

The seminar will give a brief introduction to UML and present the abstract syntax and the dynamic semantics of a sub-set of the language.

Gunnar Overgaard is currently, in the ASTEC-BOOM project, developing the formal specification of UML.

Practical information

Date and place

Wednesday, October 16, 1996, 09.00-16.00

The seminar takes place at Room nr. 247, 09.00-12.15, Room nr 347, 13.15-14.45, House nr 2, Polacksbacken, Uppsala University.


You may enroll by sending e-mail to giving your Name, Company/organization, and E-mail address.