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Technical Reports
Technical Reports by number
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  1. Richard Carlsson
    Extending Erlang with structured module packages
  1. Thomas Arts and Mads Dam,
    Verifying a Distributed Database Lookup Manager Written in Erlang in postscript, in pdf.
    Received February 10 1999

  2. Jakob Engblom, Andreas Ermedahl, Mikael Sjödin, Jan Gustafsson and Hans Hansson
    Towards Industry Strength Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis in postscript, in pdf.
    Received April 29 1999

  3. Erik Johansson, Sven-Olof Nyström, Thomas Lindgren, Christer Jonsson
    Evaluation of HiPE, an Erlang Native Code Compiler in postscript, in pdf.
    Received September 29 1999

  4. Erik Johansson, Sven-Olof Nyström, Mikael Pettersson, Konstantinos Sagonas
    HiPE: High Performance Erlang in postscript, in pdf.
    Received October 20 1999.

  5. Thomas Lindgren, Christer Jonsson
    The Design and Implementation of a High-Performance Erlang Compiler
    in postscript, in pdf.
    Received November 19, 1999.

  1. Jakob Engblom,
    Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis for Optimized Code. MSc thesis.
  2. Jakob Engblom, Peter Altenbernd, Andreas Ermedahl,
    Facilitating Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis For Optimized Code. Conference version of report 98/01, 10th Euromicro Workshop on Real-Time Systems; Berlin.
  3. Jan Gustafsson and Andreas Ermedahl
    Automatic derivation of path and loop annotations in object-oriented real-time programs.
    To be published in Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices, vol. 1 no. 2, June 1998.
  4. Andreas Ermedahl, Hans Hansson, Marina Papatriantafilou, Philippas Tsigas,
    Wait-free Snapshots in Real-Time Systems: Algorithms and Performance, Conference version of report 98/04, In Proc. of the 5th International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA'98), Oct 27 - 29, 1998, Hiroshima, Japan.
  5. Jakob Engblom,
    Static Properties of Commercial Real-Time and Embedded Systems Results from the MARE Project (Measurements of Actual Real-Time and Embedded Programs). In PDF.
  1. Greger Ottosson, Mikael Sjödin,
    Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis for Modern Hardware Architectures.
  2. Jens Larsson,
    Information interface to the scheduling level of a hard real-time systems design model.
  3. Jens Larsson,
    Fixed priority scheduling analysis of the powertrain management application example using the schedulite tool.
  4. Andreas Ermedahl, Jan Gustafsson,
    Deriving Annotations for Tight Calculation of Execution Time.
  5. Dirk Auchter,
    Tool Support for Requirements Engineering: Applying the ARENA Methodology.
  6. Andreas Ermedahl, Jan Gustafsson,
    Realtidsindustrins syn på verktyg för exekveringstidsanalys.
  7. Greger Ottosson, Mats Carlsson,
    Using Global Constraints for Frequency Allocation.
  8. Lise Getoor, Greger Ottosson, Markus Fromherz, Björn Carlson,
    Effective Redundant Constraints for Online Scheduling.
  9. Magnus Lindahl, Paul Pettersson, Wang Yi,
    Formal Design and Analysis of a Gear Controller: an Industrial Case Study using UPPAAL.
    Also in PDF format.
  10. Dirk Auchter, Johan Blom, Roland Bol, Lars-Åke Fredlund, Tomas Grelsson,
    Requirements Engineering in a Telecommunication Environment.
    Replaces report 96/02.
  11. Peter Altenbernd,
    Cross-Compiling Software Circuits to CHaRy.
  12. Peter Altenbernd, Hans Hansson,
    The Slack Method: A new method for static allocation of hard real-time tasks.
  13. Dirk Auchter,
    From Requirements Engineering to Design: Combining the ARENA and SOMT Method.
  14. Andreas Ermedahl, Jan Gustafsson,
    Automatic derivation of path and loop annotations in object-oriented real-time programs. WPDRTS'97, WOORTS'97 and IPPS'97.
  15. Björn Carlson, Mats Carlsson, Gunnar Stålmark,
    NP(FD) A Proof System for Finite Domain Formulas.
  16. Henrik Lönn, Paul Pettersson,
    Formal Verification of a TDMA Protocol Start-Up Mechanism. In Proceedings of the 1997 IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Systems, pages 235-242. Also in PDF format.
  1. Jens Larsson,
    ScheduLite, A Fixed Priority Scheduling Analysis Tool.
  2. ARENA,
    Requirements Engineering and Formalisation in a Telecommunication Environment.
    Replaced by report 97/10.
  3. ARENA,
    Applying and Evaluating the ARENA Methodology for Requirements Engineering.
  4. Andreas Ermedahl, Jan Gustafsson,
    Redovisning av Studiecirkel/Kurs i Exekveringstidsanalys.
  1. Hans Börjesson,
    Incorporating Worst Case Execution Time in a Commercial C-compiler.
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