ASTEC Projects

There is no ongoing projects in ASTEC.

Previous projects

  1. The ASTEC Testing cluster
  2. HIPE: High Performance Erlang,
    developing techniques for efficient compilation of concurrent functional programming languages.
  3. PLEX, Parallel Execution of PLEX programs
    Project leader: Björn Lisper
  4. REMODEL: remodeling of complex industrial systems, project leader Christer Norström, Mälardalen University and Wang Yi, Uppsala University
  5. SAAPP: Simulator-aided analysis of parallel processes,
    Project leader: Björn Victor, Uppsala University.
  6. Safety Analysis: Fault Tree Analysis of dynamic systems
  7. WCET: Calculation of Worst-Case Execution Times,
    for predicting timing bounds of programs.
  8. Analysing ERLANG/OTP systems Project leader Bengt Jonsson
  9. ARENA (ASTEC Requirement Engineering Approach) 1995-1998
  10. Auto, A design methodology for embedded real-time systems. Development of a design method for Automotive Real-Time Applications.
  11. A Verification Method for Erlang, developing a general verification tool for the Erlang programming language based on a combination of model checking, compositional and symbolic techniques.
  12. BOOM, Formal Specification of Object-Oriented Modelling Concepts. 1995-1998
  13. BUS, Modelling and Analysis of the BUS Protocol.
  14. Code Generation for Embedded Systems Using MLRISC, Sven-Olof Nyström
  15. SA, Analysis of types and process topology for static debugging.
  16. Times project, Software Synthesis, Project leader, Wang Yi, Uppsala University
  17. VOCAL (Verification and Optimization with Constraints And Logic) 1995-1996
  18. WCET, the activities in Uppsala.
  19. WPO: Whole Program Optimization for Embedded Systems
    developing highly optimizing compiler technology for embedded systems. -2004

Publications from the projects.

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